Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Marco Kozlowski's Luxury Homes Bootcamp

Watch my video of Marco Kozlowski and his students. He teaches people how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars or more in one transaction with no money and no credit. Marco Kozlowski is an unbelievably sweet person with a great sense of humor. Check out my video that I made after attending his class in Los Angeles. This dude rocks!


Ernest Sternglass has dedicated his life to eliminating the destruction of humanity by nuclear weapons. He convinced JFKennedy and the Senate to stop atmpspheric bomb testing which lead to the signing of the Test Ban Treaty. To this day atmospheric testing is banned worldwide. On his way to testify in front of the Japanese Parliament Earnest stopped at his friend's (Leuren Moret's) house in Berkeley. That's where I filmed this presentation.

This is a short clip. Please, see Ernest Sternglass full film on a later post!


Dear friends,

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