Friday, June 1, 2007

GLOBAL NUCLEAR COVER UP: Leuren Moret interview # 1

Leuren Moret is a whistle blower from the Livermore Lab. In her presentations she exposes shocking and highly suppressed facts about our government poisoning us with radiation right at this very moment. Leuren documents every statement she makes with research documents, many of which use actual government data to draw their conclusions. Did you know that diabetes, autism and other forms of mental illness are caused by exposure to radiation? From nuclear testing we have switched to nuclear power plants that are causing increasingly high rates of cancer, birth defects and literally an epidemic of diabetes. Depleted Uranium has not only turned Iraq and Afganistan into uninhabitable nuclear holocaust for millions of years, but it is also blowing over the rest of the planet causing Americans, Europeans and others to die from radiation diseases. This is something your government doesn’t want you to know. Worse yet, there is a global conspiracy on this issue because other governments are also involved in major nuclear programs, and they don’t want their citizens to know the real reasons why their children are being born with severe anomalies and why the diabetes rates are soaring worldwide. Filmed and produced by Gypsy Taub.


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