Friday, July 6, 2007


These are my protests against the 911 commission who did nothing but cover up the truth behind 911. They came to the Bay Area a few times and we just had to greet them accordingly. I've heard that one of the commission members was supposed to have an appearance at some university near by but cancelled it shortly after my protests. They never came to the Bay Area again either. Looks like we achieved our goals at least partially.

The other whistle blower is Carol Brouillet who is the founder of the 911 Truth Alliance and one of the main organizers for 911 truth in the Bay Area. She is the first 911 truth activist I had ever met. She was my inspiration for many years. Carol is still actively working to expose the truth behind 911. Visit her here. She also has a radio show. You can learn more on her website.

This video has been and still remains heavily censored by Google. When it was first uploaded to Google about a year ago it was getting 1000 views and 100 downloads per day. After about a month Google took it off (on the same day they took off Loose Change). They claimed that I had no rights to the footage. I sent them the required proof that I had rights. They still wouldn't put it on. Then I threatened them with a law suit. The video was back up the next day. But ever since then they keep fucking with the numbers of views that it's getting. I've watched my numbers go down as time progressed. Not just on this video but on all the videos that are in my account. Looks like they dont't like me. I wonder why...he-he-he!!! Besides, they erased the 30,000 views that it originally got and brought it down to zero. Looks like they got scared that it was climbing up so fast.