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LEUREN MORET in August edition of "MADAME CHAIR"

Nuclear whistle blower Leuren Moret was interviewed in the August edition of "MADAME CHAIR", The South-East
Asian version of VOGUE magazine. (please click on the images to magnify them)

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Iraq War 5th Anniversary

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A military uniform is not an excuse for murder. In this episode I discuss the psychological origins of war. War is a bigger version of street violence, street violence is a bigger version of family violence. All trauma begins in childhood. Psychopathic behavior begins in the family.

MILITARY MOTHERS ARE NOT VICTIMS (or San Francisco Peace Rally 2007)

...And there was also something that deeply upset me, as always, at so many of these peace rallies. I have a lot of respect for Richard Becker, the main organizer of ANSWER. He always has something sincere and real to say. This man definitely knows compassion. His voice and his words always touch my heart. But I have to say that I don’t always care for his choice of speakers. Some of them are great, and others make me sick. I am sure many people will get mad at me for saying this, but it makes me sick when a mother of a soldier gets on that stage and starts playing victim and blaming Bush for her son’s death. How would you people feel if a Nazi mother got on stage and started playing victim? Well, what’s the difference between the Nazis and the US Military? I will tell you one big difference. The Nazi soldiers were drafted, many against their will. The US soldiers enlisted voluntarily. They sold their souls for dollars, for college degrees (supposedly), for comfortable sofas in front of TVs, for status quo. Or is it that their rage against the world was so blinding that they believed pathetic transparent lies told by Bush? What kind of values would you have to be raised with to believe that it is right to carpet bomb people because of one bad guy who is supposedly hiding there? Obviously, American lives are by far more important than any other lives. Is this not fascism? So here is this mother who sent her son to kill people overseas. Don’t tell me that she didn’t know he had a gun on him when he went. She though he would go to war, murder thousands of people, come back covered in medals from head to toe and she wouldn’t even have to pay his college tuition. She had it all planned out. If her son returned unharmed she would be proud of him and continue voting for Bush, I bet. But as it turns out when you kill people they don’t like it. And sometimes they kill you. What a surprise! I suppose Bush was supposed to explain to her that in a war people don’t just kill but can also get killed.

Look, I have compassion for the soldiers too. I understand that anyone can make a mistake. But I only respect the soldiers who take responsibility for their mistakes and who come back and become peace activists. I have no respect for soldiers who murder innocent people and expect everybody to respect them and feel sorry for them because they didn’t get away with murder.

As for military mothers, I have some questions. If your son joined the gangs and murdered people in your town in order to pay his college tuition would you be proud of him? What if he joined the biggest gang in the world called the US military and murdered a lot more people but overseas, then what? Oh, well, then the picture is totally different. He is a hero and you are a victim, right?

What kind of abuse did you put your son through that he thinks nothing of picking up a loaded gun and aiming it at a human being he had never met before? If he did this in your town his behavior would be called sociopathic. He would be on the most wanted list. But he put on a military uniform first and then murdered a bunch of people. Oh, yeah, this is called “patriotism”. I was raised in communist Russia. The concept of patriotism was so exploited there, it was to the point that people felt like puking whenever they heard that word on TV or radio. I learned very early that “patriotism” equals “fascism”.

What is “patriotism”, really? Does it not imply separation from the rest of humanity? Does it not imply division based on nationality? Does it not imply putting your nation above other nations? Then how is it different from fascism? The only difference between Nazi German army and the US army is that the US army hasn’t been officially exposed yet. Hitler is dead and his regime has fallen. Bush (or should I say Cheney?) is still alive and the regime hasn’t fallen yet. But believe me, as soon as Bush regime falls (and it will happen) his deeds will be in the history books right next to Hitler’s deeds and his army will be right next to the Nazi army. Germany learned from its mistakes. German people took responsibility and because of that were able to change and transform into a much more peaceful nation. They are still paying life long pensions to Jews who even remotely suffered from the holocaust. And that is great, such level of responsibility.

America needs to find its heart and its true power. True power comes from the heart, it comes from love. America needs to stop lying to itself and playing victim. Many Americans have already transitioned to that place of power that comes from the heart. But it will take a nationwide awakening for America to be able to live at peace with itself and with the rest of the world.

Gypsy Taub

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This article was published on 02.22.07.

In addition to holding President George W. Bush and the U.S. Congress accountable for the illegal occupation of Iraq, American troops must also be prepared to accept responsibility. We’re all presumed to know the law. If we accept that fundamental legal presumption, then those of us who claim that the war is illegal must also acknowledge that the troops are unexcused aiders and abettors.

Lt. Ehren Watada’s case is a good example. Watada’s position is that he has a duty to refuse orders to deploy to Iraq because those orders effectively command him to pursue an illegal war. Watada correctly understands that obeying those orders could subject him to war-crime charges under a more just administration (which should try George W. Bush first).

Publicly available information about the Iraq invasion has become so plentiful over the last several years that reasonable people contemplating service in the U.S. military should know that people throughout the world regard participation in the occupation as tantamount to aiding and abetting in mass murder, fraud, human-rights violations, and international war crimes. By now, all of the troops should recognize this, and ignorance is no excuse.

The frequency of U.S.-sponsored war crimes in Iraq is such that it has become the norm rather than the exception. U.S. troops have intentionally and recklessly caused the deaths of so many Iraqi civilians, and continue to do so, that we can now properly regard acts in furtherance of the occupation effort generally to be acts substantially likely to facilitate crimes such as those that already have occurred.

From a legal standpoint, obeying Bush’s orders is akin to the Nazi soldiers who obeyed Hitler’s orders. And we know from the Nuremberg Trials that the “just following orders” excuse is invalid. Watada’s case suggests that we should question all troops’ willingness to follow their illegal orders.

Suggesting troop-responsibility for the illegal war is unpopular, but it also would have been unpopular during World War II for a German citizen to suggest that Nazi troops be held accountable for obeying their illegal orders. At the end of the day, it’s really no different.

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This is a film by Mike Rupprt who can be considered the pioneer of the 911 truth movement in the US. This film focuses on the CIA and Wall Street as well as many other political aspects of the 911 attacks. Excellent informaiton coming from Mike who used to be a narcotics investigator in LA until he found out the the CIA was trading drugs and weapons. The CIA tried to recruit him to cover up their activities. Mike said no. He was fired, then shot at at least twice, his life was threatened many times since then. Mike became a whistle blower, an investigator and a media activist. Some time last year (forgive me for not knowing the exact date) Mike's office was broken into, and all his computers were smashed. Obviously, some people are unhappy about his activism.

I know Mike personally and consider him a very dear friend. He has a great big heart, that's what I love about him the most, and that's what I believe, gives him courage to do what he does.

Please, visit Mike Ruppert here:




This is one of the first 911 truth films and my second favorite after Loose Change. Eric provides an excellent analysis of the physical evidence. He shows you pictures and video that you have seen many times and invites you to take a closer look at the details. You will be blown away by what you will see.


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dangers of internet dating

ballet class beer commercial - funny


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Leuren Moret at the 2007 Vancouver 9/11 Truth Conference -- "Depleted Uranium: 61 years of Uranium Wars"

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LOOSE CHANGE 911 documentary

This is my favorite 911 truth documentary. I loved it so much when I first saw it that I felt I had to do more than just play it on Public Access channel in San Francisco and Berkeley. I organized a screening of Loose Change 2nd Edition at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland. The film was shown on May 2nd, 2006 to about 500 people. It was a great success. The filmmakers, Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe and Jason Burmas came out to do an open forum after the film. You can watch it here:

Read the USA Today article about Loose Change that came out a few days before the Oakland screening. This article was taking up most of page 3 of the USA Today issue. It came out on the day that "Flight 93" (a government propaganda film) came out in theaters. I see this as a miracle and a major blow to the Bush administration by the mainstream media. "Flight 93" was barely mentioned at all, it was mentioned in the back in the "new movies" setion and occupied a minimal amount of space. The journalist who wrote the article about LC told me when he was interviewing me that his daughter had given him Loose Change to watch. He wasn't sure if the article would get published. I told him I could send him 2 other pro-911-truth articles that had been published in the San Francisco Chronicle:

"An Inside Job?"

"Sept. 11 left us with a host of questions"

He said it would help. So I did. I am so glad it got published!

For more info go to and

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Having been a 911 truth activist for 5 years, I have serious suspicions about
the Bay Bridge being closed for entire 4 days.

There has been a lot of threats of terrorist attacks coming form the government.
Looks like they are preparing the public. Or else it could be their usual scare

On the other hand, Bush’s term is coming to an end. The public is pushing to ban
voting machines. The power of the Bush administration is deteriorating with
major figures resigning, almost daily scandals on the news and constant threat
of impeachment. Their only weapon is fear, it’s their last hope. I can see them
really desperately needing a terrorist attack in the near future. 911 did them a
great deal of good. 911 was, of course, the work of the Bush administration, the
Pentagon, and others connected tightly to the Bush administration. Osama had no
authority to put the US Airforce on stand down. He would have never been able to
rig the World Trade Center with explosives. If you still have doubts about 911
please watch Loose Change at

About 2 weeks before Sept. 11, 2001 electricity was shut down at the World
Center. That allowed “the terrorists” to bring in explosives past the security
gates. Guess who was in charge of security at the World Trade Center at that
time? Marvin Bush, yes, Bush’s brother. He also replaced the entire security
personnel at the WTC a few weeks prior to 911.

Getting back to the Bay Bridge, it being shut down for 4 entire days sounds
suspicious. They are also demolishing a section of the bridge, so that gives
them a green light to bring in a demolition crew. According to their official
website they are doing seismic safety work which can, as far as I understand,
involve drilling holes in the structure to test it for safety. Also, the new
bridge being close to finished would be a convenient time to blow up the old
one. Don’t quote me on this, but I have also heard that the old Bay Bridge is
not earthquake stable, so if that is true, then it sounds like the World Trade
Center that needed to go because of all the asbestos that it was filled with.
The WTC was an environmental disaster because of the asbestos that it was filled
with. Cleaning it up would have cost an enormous amount of money that no one was
willing to pay. In other words, it sounds like the Bay Bridge is a good
candidate for a “terrorist attack” just like the WTC was.

Another thing that raises suspicion is the collapse of highway 880 in Oakland
this past April and the collapse of the Minneapolis bridge. As far as I am
concerned 880 was an inside job. Gas doesn’t melt steel otherwise your engine in
your car would have long since melted. Because of 911 it became a well known
fact that steel melts at a much higher temperature than gas burns. The story that I read online about the collapse is full of inconsistencies.

Here is the full story:

Here is an exerpt:

“Jennifer Summers, 36, was driving from her costume design job in San Francisco
home to the Oakland hills just before 4 a.m. when she saw black smoke and
realized the freeway was on fire. She quickly pulled off and looped around so
she could see what was going on. When she got out of her car, flames were shooting into the sky over multiple layers of freeway and she could hear loud crackling and explosions.”

Notice the “loud crackling” and “explosions”. Those are typical sounds of
controlled demolition.

The other witness is “Isaac Rodriguez, a 53-year-old sanitation supervisor”. He
says: “It looked like a big slab of plastic because it was melted. It's made of
steel and concrete and it was bent at both angles of the pillar. It really
looked fake.” I am sure that last statement is open for interpretation, but I
pay attention to such statements. He continues: “ No sign of the truck remains
at the scene. One Caltrans worker there early this morning held up his thumb and
forefinger an inch apart to describe how big the tanker is now.” I haven’t heard
of tankers melting down to the ground before.

The same articles later says this: “Witnesses said at the time that the tanker,
which was changing lanes when it skidded out of control, created a 100-foot-tall
fireball after it crashed on the connector between westbound I-80 and eastbound
I-580, which is immediately northeast of the scene of today's crash.”

How come the names of the witnesses are not revealed? They go into lengthy descriptions about the other 2 witnesses who just saw the fire, yet the most important witnesses that supposedly witnessed the actual accident are not revealed at all.

Another strange thing is the driver’s behavior. According to the article, he
talked to Rodriguez and then supposedly took off walking down the highway
looking for a ride to the hospital. This is at 4 AM. “Rodriguez said he
regretted not thinking to send a vehicle up to get the injured man. He and a
coworker stood for some 40 minutes watching the freeway burn.” What about all
the emergency vehicles that were there?

Check out this other article about the same incident:

In this article Rodriguez, the witness from the sewage plant, says: ”The driver
escaped just before the overhead ramp collapsed.” Later in the article:
“Firefighters soon saw that the upper ramp was buckling, Price said, and by 4:02
-- seven minutes after they arrived -- it had collapsed.” So, if this is true
then the fire trucks were already there 7 minutes or so before the driver came
out of the fire. In this case why didn’t they take care of the driver?

Another fact worth mentioning is that 880 had been briefly closed due to a very
strange accident shortly before the tanker incident.

My partner David saw a brand new looking tanker parked illegally at a highway
split off facing the accident about 36 hours prior to the accident. The tanker
was turned to the side pointing in the direction of the accident. The spot where
it was parked is at a split off triangular dirt area where small cars park
illegally sometimes but never big trucks. We heard about the accident and looked
at the map of where it was parked. It was the closest parking spot to the
accident site. I know it doesn’t make too much sense why they would park it
there. But there are a lot of highway loops and split offs in that immediate
area. It’s so easy to get lost and then end up heading the wrong way on the
wrong highway without a good way to come back. I can see them parking the
vehicle in a convenient spot in advance to avoid confusion.

I went to the scene a few days later to take pictures. One of the supervisors
told me that was the most bizarre collapse he had ever seen. It looked like it
was cut off with a saw on both sides. I was there a few days after the incident.
I was told by the clean up crew that the only thing that was changed was the
little metal plates added to brace the bridge, everything else was exactly the
same. Take a look at the pictures. To me the color of the break up surface looks
odd. I would expect it to be black if it was indeed burned by a gas fire. On the
other hand, if explosives had been used I can see there being small traces of
much hotter fire that would be more light in color. I am not an expert but I did
major in science in college. Science was my big passion for many years. I
encourage those of you who have more expertise to take a look at the photos.

Steel can be melted under pressure (that’s where explosives come in) or in a
furnace where heat has nowhere to escape. The highway is out in the open, so
this cannot possibly be compared to a furnace. The articles mention orange
flames, which are known to be the coldest. The higher the temperature is the
more white the flame becomes. Watch a welder work. The flames are white and
blue, not orange.

As soon as 880 collapsed the mainstream media started screaming about steel
melting from fossil fuel fires and comparing it to 911. I knew they were going
to say that. That seemed to be the whole purpose of this incident, to “prove”
that the WTC really did collapse from the jet fuel fire. The 911 truth movement
used the impossibility of such a phenomenon as a proof of government complicity
and cover up. So this was possibly meant to disprove this point.

And then, the Minneapolis bridge collapse. I haven’t had a chance to take s good
look at it (I have 3 little kids, not much time for conspiracies), but I would
pay attention to it happening shortly after the 880 collapse. I can see these
events being a rehearsal to test out a bridge demolition by “terrorists.” I just
talked to Eric Hufschmid and he said that the Minneapolis bridge collapse looks
a lot like the 880 collapse in Oakland, very suspicious. Watch his 911
documentary here:

Also realize that both the mayor of San Francisco (Gavin Newsom) and the state
government (the legendary Schwarznegger) are both unelected puppets installed by
Bush and Co. Oakland police department has ties to federal government also.
Weren’t they involved in Cointelpro? Forgive me for not giving more accurate
info on this. I see and read a lot of stuff, and don’t always remember the
sources. I’ve seen Oakland police do a terrorist exercise in Oakland with staged
public unrest and freaky violent police behavior that was also staged. The
public was unaware of the fact that it was staged. I saw it in Alex Jones’s
films (

So, the Bay Bridge is between a rock and a hard place. It would be very easy to
imagine an investigation being made impossible if the bridge did get blown up by
so called “terrorists.”

Having said all this I would like to hope that I am wrong, that it is indeed a
legitimate bridge repair work. But if the bridge does get blown up in the near
future don’t buy the “terrorist” story! Investigate, document, take pictures,
samples of soil, water, anything and don’t let them institute marshal law or
sign Patriot Act 3!

If you plan on driving across the bridge tomorrow or any time soon, please,
bring a camera, still camera, video camera, film the top of the bridge while
driving. You can take it home and play it frame by frame. If you get slowed down
in traffic look up at the ceiling, take pictures, examine later. Look for boxes
with explosives, look for anything suspicious. Email me any suspicious evidence: Post articles on Indymedia. The more we publicize it the
less chance that they will have the nerve to do it.

You might be able to find some demolition videos made by demolition companies on
Youtube or Google video to get an idea of different kinds of devices that might
be used.

So, let’s hope that the 4-day closing of the bridge was really about repairs and
nothing else. And if per chance there was a terrorist action planned by our
government then let’s prevent it from happening before it’s too late.

(The images are of the 880 collapse in Oakland.)

Gypsy Taub

(the first 2 photos were taken from the web, the rest were taken by me on the scene about 3 days after the collapse)