Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is a film by Mike Rupprt who can be considered the pioneer of the 911 truth movement in the US. This film focuses on the CIA and Wall Street as well as many other political aspects of the 911 attacks. Excellent informaiton coming from Mike who used to be a narcotics investigator in LA until he found out the the CIA was trading drugs and weapons. The CIA tried to recruit him to cover up their activities. Mike said no. He was fired, then shot at at least twice, his life was threatened many times since then. Mike became a whistle blower, an investigator and a media activist. Some time last year (forgive me for not knowing the exact date) Mike's office was broken into, and all his computers were smashed. Obviously, some people are unhappy about his activism.

I know Mike personally and consider him a very dear friend. He has a great big heart, that's what I love about him the most, and that's what I believe, gives him courage to do what he does.

Please, visit Mike Ruppert here: www.fromthewilderness.com

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