Friday, December 26, 2008

Trish and Randall

Trish and Randall talk about their relationship, their love for each other, their sexual explorations as swingers, their experience being in a porn movie together, Trish's stories of her troubled childhood when she was raped by her father at the age of 5 and later by other family members. This is a very sincere interview by a beautiful couple.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"FLOW - for the love of water"

This is a trailer to an amazing new documentary called "FLOW", a film about water, about the take over of this vital resource by big corporations. This is a great film from the depth of the heart. Filled with love for humanity and important information it will move you emotionally and give you hope for the future. I interviewed Steven Starr, the film producer, when the film was premiered in Berkeley in the fall of 2008. I also interviewed Sarah Joseph of Corporate Accountability International who helped organize the screening.

This is a short clip about Article 31 proposed to be added to the Declaration of HUman Rights by the makers of FLOW, it is the right to clean water as a basic human right.

To buy a DVD and learn more about FLOW please visit:

To take action go to:

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner by a generous man from Yemen

We went to an awesome free Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday and ended up on the cover of Oakland Tribune the next day. If it wasn't for this article I would have never found out about this generous man from Yemen who put on this free dinner for 6 years in a row now. As it turns out it was the owner of the store next door who put on the dinner. Not once did he announce who he was, there was not a single branding item, no advertisement, nothing, just pure love, just pure generosity straight from the heart. Amazing!
The reporter lady Kristine Bender was very nice too. I really enjoyed her story:

Need is great on Thanksgiving Day in the East Bay

By Kristin Bender
Oakland Tribune
Updated: 11/28/2008 07:05:15 AM PST

OAKLAND — Gypsy Taub, David Depape and their three small children could have cooked and eaten a traditional Thanksgiving meal in the comfort of their Berkeley home and been happy enough. Instead, the young family chose to join 350 others at the Two Star Market for a community meal.

"No matter how much money we have, I still want to come to community dinners," Taub said. "I want to be in touch with real life. Financial independence is a great thing, especially if you have kids, but I don't want to lose touch with humanity."

For a sixth year, Abdo Alawdi, 34-year-old owner of the Two Star Market and liquor store in the Dimond district, has put on a community feast for anyone who wants a free, hot Thanksgiving meal. Volunteers, the Dimond Improvement Association, friends and family help out with the preparations and cost, which runs about $6,000, he said.

It was the first time Taub and Depape came to the feast, but they wasted no time eating, dancing, socializing and showing good cheer to strangers.

"We like to meet our neighbors. I want my children to learn that everyone is a human being and a friend," said Taub, who said she makes videos for public access television. "I also want my kids to learn about sharing. In Russia, where I am from, people share more, and I want my kids to grow up knowing sharing."

Like every year, there were dozens of community meals at churches, soup kitchens and businesses around the East Bay. But this year, with the state unemployment rate at more than 8 percent, the federal bailout $7 trillion, and foreclosures up 70 percent from this time last year, according to federal statistics, more people were looking for a free meal Thursday.

Brian Higgins, spokesman for the Alameda County Community Food Bank, said calls to the agency's emergency food line are up 39 percent in past year and 59 percent compared with two years ago. First-time callers to the help line are up 22 percent, he said.

"A lot of people are out of jobs, and a lot of people are looking for something to eat," said Mickey Ganitch, 89, of San Leandro, as he helped usher people to their tables at Lake Merritt United Methodist Church in Oakland. The church has been putting on a free Thanksgiving meal for 29 years and was packed an hour before serving time Thursday.

"There's a lot of people I haven't see before," said Ganitch, who has been the head usher at the church for 44 years.

The church usually plans for 500 meals. This year, they planned for 600, said Stephen Ford, Thanksgiving meal coordinator.

The church also has been running low on food Tuesdays and Sundays when church workers give away free bags of groceries, said volunteer Russ Aubry, of Berkeley.

"We've had to turn people away because we ran out of food," he said.

Two Star's Alawdi didn't run out of food Thursday. He had 25 turkeys, 500 pounds of chicken, 50 large trays of stuffing and other side dishes, and 35 pies. He bought much of the food on his own, but people also stopped by with goods to donate, volunteer Robert Raburn said.

"I had someone drive up and give us a case of wine. I've had people drive up and say, 'This is my mom's favorite recipe,' before handing over a tray of vegetables," he said. He also had nearly 100 volunteers come from as far away as San Jose and Brentwood to work the food line, decorate, grill chicken and clean up.

"We put this out on We're never going to do that again," Raburn said, smiling. "We've really seen a lot of generosity."

Annie Rockwell, of Oakland, hadn't volunteered at the Two Star before Thursday, but with President-elect Barack Obama — a man who wants to rekindle the spirit of volunteerism — about to take office, she hopes others will follow her lead and help out.

"Hopefully we will have a society that will organize to meet the needs (of others), but until then it's better to do what you can," she said.

Alawdi, who has run the store since the early 1990s, learned his charitable ways from his late grandfather, Mohamed, who back home in Yemen cooked for relatives and the community at the end of Ramadan and to mark the pilgrimage to Mecca, he said.

Alawdi said Thursday that the meal ran smoothly and the scene was about the same as last year, except for one change: "We need more food for the people."

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jeffrey Douglas of the Free Speech Coalition on Max Hardcore case

This is an interview with Jeffery Douglas, the chairman of the Free Speech Coalition. Max Hardcore got sentenced to 5 years of prison time because his distributor sold a copy of his DVD to an american while the DVD was intended for European audience only. Jefferey Douglas is a long time free speech advocate. He was very involved in the Max Hardcore case. This is an interview about that case and also about the big picture of sexual oppression versus self expression throughout the history of humanity.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Burke School and Its War Against the Neighborhood

This is the very first documentary video I have ever made. It is about Burke School, a very prestidious school located in the Richmond district of San Francisco. Burke school lied to the board of supervisors of SF and exploited their feelings to blatantly steal a number of parking spots in front of the school and make it their own. The apartment building across the street that had always used that parking was affected the worst. Watch this documentary - it was a real pleasure to make - and see how lies can be uncovered and exposed if you choose to expose them.

Burke school management as well as many parents feel that other people don't matter, they can be disregarded and discarded. Burke school has been there for many years and all the neighbors (with the exception of very few whose kids go to Burke school) hate this school and what it stands for. Some parents whose kids go to Burke school were on our side and signed our petition against the school management and in favor of the neighborhood. Our petition has over 400 signatures (palmost every single neighbor signed it).

I aired this documentary on Public Access channel in San Francisco. As soon as it started airing Burke school principal called the station outraged and demanded that it be taken off the air. The station manager Zane Blaney refused to take it off the air.

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Cynthia Lamborne conquers lymphoma

I interviewed Cynthia about her healing from a deadly cancer of the lymph nodes, lymphoma. In this interview she talks about her healing process that, I feel, we can all learn a lot from. The cancer cure book mentioned in the video is "We Want To Live" by Aajonus Vonderlanitz. Here is his website:

Saturday, November 8, 2008


This is a tutorial on how to use proper English.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


This is a compilation of different Ralph Nader and Matt Gonzalez footage that I shot. There is also a speach by Marsha Feinland in here that I really enjoyed at the Nader-Gonzalez rally in Oakland.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Marsha Fienland State Senate candidate in California district 9

Marsha Feinland at a Nader-Gonzalez event Spet. 30, 2008 Marsha Feinland is running for State Senate in district 9 - filmed by Gypsy Taub

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Matt Gonzalez speaks at a Nader-Gonzalez rally

Vice presidential candidate Matt Gonzalez speaks at a Nader-Gonzalez rally at the Grand Lake Theater in Oakland on September 30, 2008 filmed by Gypsy Taub

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ralph Nader interview by Mika Tsutsumi for Japanese TV

This is an interview of presidential candidate Ralph Nader by Mika Tsutsumi for Japanese TV recorded Aug.1, 2008 in Sacramento.

Monday, February 4, 2008


The flyer about burning plastic will be posted here in English by the end of February. I apologize for the delay.

See the previoius post for the Spanish version.

Alicia (Gypsy)



La mayoría de la gente que quema el desperdicio de plástico no se da cuenta cuan dañino es para su salud y para el medio ambiente.
Respirar humo de plástico causa cáncer de pulmón, disfunción renal, impotencia, problemas respiratorios, enfermedad del corazón, daño en el hígado, asma, enfisema, infertilidad, defecto de nacimiento, desequilibrio hormonal, daño en el sistema nervioso, obesidad, salpullido, nausea, dolores de cabeza y más…

Sí piensa que porque no calle muerto instantáneamente después de respirar el humo de plástico significa que no le causa ningún daño está equivocado. Por ejemplo todos sabemos cuan dañino es el humo del cigarro, donde las personas no caen muertas después de fumar un cigarro, en cambio la gente tiene una dolorosa y lenta muerte años después. ¿Dejaría usted a su hijo de tres años fumar cigarros? El humo del plástico es mucho más toxico que el humo del cigarro y especialmente dañino para niños pequeños. Cuando usted quema plástico usted está matándose lentamente y a sus seres queridos, así como a sus vecinos y a sus hijos, además se daña el medio ambiente privando a futuras generaciones de una limpia y saludable vida.

El plástico contiene muchas toxinas mortales y porque no es natural, el cuerpo humano no está equipado para eliminar las toxinas que su cuerpo ha estado acumulando en grasa corporal. Las madres pasan estos químicos directamente a sus bebés por medio de la placenta. Estás toxinas llamadas dioxinas se quedan en la tierra de siembra y así terminan en el agua y en nuestra comida.


1. Si usted ha estado quemando plástico levante todos los restos del montón de basura vieja porque contienen plástico derretido mezclado con tierra y comience uno nuevo en un nuevo lugar.
2. Separe el plástico: ponga todo lo que pueda contener plástico en una bolsa aparte. Désela al camión de la basura. Al fin el plástico no se pudre ni apesta. Si usted no cuenta con un servicio de recolección de basura trabaje con sus vecinos para exigir a las autoridades locales un servicio eficiente.
3. Evite los plásticos: pida a los vendedores no empacar su comida u otras cosas con bolsas y contenedores plásticos. Reuse sus bolsas o use otros tipos de bolsas. Evite platos, vasos o cubiertos desechables. De preferencia compre productos en envases de vidrio o metal y reúselos.
4. Composta. Los restos de plantas y árboles y todos los desechas de la comida pueden usarse como composta en su jardín. La composta sirve para nutrir sus plantas. Solamente cave un hoyo en la tierra y deposite los restos orgánicos y cúbralos con tierra. Si tiene vecinos que tienen cerdo puede darle sus restos de comida.
5. Reciclaje. Exija a sus autoridades organizar reciclaje de papel, vidrio, plástico y metales.
6. Regrese los plásticos de vuelta a la tienda y pida que sean regresados al productor para ser reciclados.

Si usted vive en un área de turismo no use los malos hábitos de los turistas de tirar basura como un pretexto para seguir contaminando su comunidad con humo de plástico.

De los beneficios que los dueños de los comercios obtienen del turismo se puede recolectar dinero para contratar personas que limpien las playas y los caminos y para que se lleven los desechas a las áreas designadas.

No ponga solamente anuncios que digan “No tire basura!” De le a las personas una alternativa y ponga contenedores que digan “Basura”.

Separe su basura en 1. recíclables (y recíclelos)
2. restos de comida (pongalos en composta)
3. el resto (para el camión de basura)

En general la contaminación del plástico quemado o sin quemar es una de las más grandes amenazas al medio ambiente y salud global. El plástico se sigue acumulando en nuestras tierras, océanos y en el aire alrededor del mundo y sofoca la vida en nuestro planeta. En San Francisco, California recientemente se ha establecido una ley que prohibe las bolsas de plástico en las tiendas como un primer paso para un futuro limpio y libre de plástico. Alternativas al plástico ya existen como por ejemplo platos y vasos hechos de maíz.

Es muy importante que todas las personas en el mundo nos unamos para exigir un futuro libre de plástico. Necesitamos darnos cuenta que depende de nosotros personas comunes tomar la responsabilidad por nuestro futuro personal, el futuro de nuestra comunidad y el futuro de nuestro planeta.

Por favor hable con sus vecinos, informe sus familiares y ayúdenos a curarnos a nosotros mismos y a nuestro planeta. Uno por uno, los montones de la basura van creando una gran diferencia.

Por favor pase este volante a otra persona después de leerlo. Haga copias y repártalas por el bien de todo el mundo.

Usted puede encontrar el texto de este volante en español:

Para pregunta y comentarios mande un correo electrónico a Alicia (Gypsy):

You can find the text of this flyer in English here: