Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Burke School and Its War Against the Neighborhood

This is the very first documentary video I have ever made. It is about Burke School, a very prestidious school located in the Richmond district of San Francisco. Burke school lied to the board of supervisors of SF and exploited their feelings to blatantly steal a number of parking spots in front of the school and make it their own. The apartment building across the street that had always used that parking was affected the worst. Watch this documentary - it was a real pleasure to make - and see how lies can be uncovered and exposed if you choose to expose them.

Burke school management as well as many parents feel that other people don't matter, they can be disregarded and discarded. Burke school has been there for many years and all the neighbors (with the exception of very few whose kids go to Burke school) hate this school and what it stands for. Some parents whose kids go to Burke school were on our side and signed our petition against the school management and in favor of the neighborhood. Our petition has over 400 signatures (palmost every single neighbor signed it).

I aired this documentary on Public Access channel in San Francisco. As soon as it started airing Burke school principal called the station outraged and demanded that it be taken off the air. The station manager Zane Blaney refused to take it off the air.

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